When the wisdom teeth only partially erupt, they can cause the gum tissue surrounding the back molars to become infected and swollen. This is a condition known as pericoronitis. A person suffering from pericoronitis will experience a flap over the surface of the back molar (usually on the lower arch). This flap is difficult to keep clean, making it more susceptible to inflammation. At Northpointe Dental, we can provide an antibiotic to reduce the infection and inflammation. Once the infection is eliminated, Dr. Brian J. Waggle may extract wisdom teeth in Zanesville, Ohio.

After wisdom tooth extraction, our dentist will send you home to recover for a few days. Here a few tips to make your recovery as pleasant and pain-free as possible:

  • Take painkillers as prescribed by our dentist
  • Bite on a gauze pad for three to four hours after extraction to control bleeding
  • Apply ice to the area to control swelling
  • Relax for at least 24 hours and limit your activity for the next few days
  • Eat soft foods like pudding, yogurt and soup on the day of extraction

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your teeth or gums, please call our office at 740-454-6644. We will do our best to ensure that you get the help you need so you can enjoy a pain-free and healthy smile.

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