At Northpointe Dental, we are proud to introduce the TRIOS scanner into our dental practice, a state-of-the-art digital impression system that sets new standards for precision, speed and patient comfort in dental care. This cutting-edge technology streamlines the creation of dental impressions, making the process faster, more accurate and far more comfortable for our patients.

Elevating Dental Care With the TRIOS Scanner

The TRIOS scanner is a technological marvel in the field of digital dentistry, designed to capture detailed 3D images of a patient’s mouth. This leap forward from traditional impression methods means no more discomfort from impression trays and putty. Ideal for a wide array of dental solutions, including crowns, bridges and orthodontic treatments, the TRIOS scanner ensures your dental impressions are captured with extraordinary precision, enhancing the overall quality of your dental care.

Enhancing Your Dental Visits With TRIOS Technology

The inclusion of the TRIOS scanner at our practice transforms your dental experience. This device allows for real-time, accurate captures of your dental anatomy, providing instant visuals that help in immediate assessment and treatment planning. The benefits are multifaceted: restorations fit more accurately, treatment times are shortened and patient satisfaction is greatly increased. The efficiency of the TRIOS scanner also significantly reduces the need for repeat visits, saving you time and inconvenience.

The Advantages of the TRIOS Scanner

  • No more uncomfortable traditional impressions.
  • High-precision digital captures for accurate treatment planning.
  • Streamlined dental visits and fewer appointments needed for restorations.
  • Improved fit and function of dental restorations and orthodontic solutions.
  • Interactive and informative dental appointments with instant visual feedback.

Experience Advanced Dental Impressions

Discover the difference the TRIOS scanner can make at your next dental appointment with our dentist in Zanesville, Ohio. Embrace a new era of dental care where comfort meets precision. Reach out to us today at 740-454-6644 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Waggle and how the TRIOS scanner can enhance your dental treatment and provide a glimpse into the future of dentistry.