Dr. Brian J. Waggle is proud to offer gum and bone treatment in Zanesville, Ohio. Some reasons why our dentist may treat your bone or gums include:

  • To lower or straighten the gum line
  • To correct the frenulum in the upper or lower lip or the tongue
  • To treat gingivitis and prevent the loss of permanent teeth
  • To perform a biopsy or exam for oral cancer

Changing the gum line is mainly performed to improve the appearance of your smile. However, our other gum and bone treatments help improve the health and functionality of your smile. Correcting the frenulum allows the patient to speak properly and prevents tooth misalignment. In infants, frenulum correction allows the infant to breastfeed properly. Treating gingivitis eradicates infections that attack the gums and bone that surround and support your teeth. This will protect you from tooth loss.

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