What Dental Tools Do

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What are Northpointe Dental’s two top priorities? Your dental health and your personal comfort. One thing that may give you comfort is to have a better idea of how our dental tools are used to increase your dental health. As such, we have gathered a description of five common dental instruments and their uses:

Mouth Mirror — This is a small circular mirror piece attached to a metal rod. It is inserted into the mouth to look at the backs of teeth, which, because of the surfaces’ angle in relation to your mouth’s opening, are not easily visible to Dr. Brian J. Waggle’s eye.

Explorer — This tool is shaped like a hook on a shepherd’s staff and is used to clean plaque and tartar. It also helps our dental team search for cavities. We tap the teeth to look for demineralized areas or other damaged tissues.

Cotton Plier
— You can think of this small grasping tool as a tiny, sterile hand for Dr. Brian J. Waggle. It directs, grips, and transfers dental items to and from the oral cavity.

Periodontal Probe — This is a metal rod with an angled wire attached to it, which is used to test the health of your gums.

Spatula — Spatulas are rods with flat tops that are used to mix dental chemicals together to prepare for application.

Next time you visit Northpointe Dental, you may be able to name some of the tools we are using! Feel free to ask about anything else that we use to increase your understanding. We will help you. You can make an appointment with our office in Zanesville, Ohio, by calling 740-454-6644.