We use many advanced dental technologies and techniques at our state-of-the-art office. Our technology allows us to better serve you and your family by helping our dentist and team be more efficient during dental treatments. Dr. Brian J. Waggle is proud to utilize the intraoral camera in Zanesville, Ohio. Intraoral cameras take video images of your teeth, which are displayed on a screen. The intraoral camera can help our dentist detect potential oral problems by giving us a closer look at your teeth and mouth. The digital images taken by these pen-sized dental instruments can also help you understand why we recommend specific treatments and show you exactly how and where we are working to improve your oral health. Our dentist can use intraoral camera images to educate you about your dental issues and your treatment options. When necessary, the images from the intraoral camera can also be shared with insurance companies or other dentists and healthcare professionals.

For more information on intraoral camera technology or any of the equipment we use, please call Northpointe Dental today at 740-454-6644. Also, feel free to schedule your next appointment with our dentist, Dr. Waggle. With our knowledge and experience in dentistry, we can answer many questions you may have!

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