Dr. Brian J. Waggle and our dedicated dental team are committed to using the latest in dental technology in Zanesville, Ohio. We understand that by using modern, up-to-date dental technology and techniques, we can provide you and your family with the best treatment possible. Our technology allows our dentist and team to work more quickly and efficiently. Dental technology also ensures greater comfort for you, the patient.

Our office uses excellent dental technology, including

The use of DIAGNOdent® laser cavity detection allows our dentist to locate even the smallest cavities in your smile. They can be treated early, therefore sparing tooth structure and improving your oral health. Our dentist uses digital photography to document the condition of patients’ smiles before and after treatment. This is a valuable tool in patient education when they are considering a dental treatment. The use of intraoral cameras allows our dentist to show you what and where a dental issue is. A small camera is used to put a video of your mouth on screen. Digital X-rays use less radiation and take less time than traditional X-rays. Our dentist uses WaterLase® lasers to aid him in soft tissue procedures like crown lengthening and other dental processes.

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