If you are looking for an effective way to straighten your teeth, Dr. Brian J. Waggle may recommend braces in Zanesville, Ohio. Using gentle pressure over a period of time, braces will move your teeth into the desired position. Once the treatment is complete, you can enjoy a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Young patients and adults alike can benefit from braces.

Braces are typically made up of brackets, orthodontic bands, and arch wires. Brackets are small squares that are bonded to the front of your teeth or are attached using orthodontic bands. The brackets hold the arch wires in place that guide the movement of your teeth. Orthodontic bands are wrapped around each tooth and cemented in place to anchor the brackets. The arch wires are attached to the brackets and guide the movement of your teeth to their proper positions. Sometimes, our dentist will attach elastics or rubber bands to hooks on the brackets, connecting the upper and the lower teeth. Elastics apply pressure to move the upper and lower teeth to achieve a proper bite. These elastics can also one of the ways you can personalize your orthodontic care. We also offer:

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