Two-phase orthodontic treatment consists of two treatment stages separated by a resting period. We recommend that you do not delay either of these stages, as this can lead to more invasive and potentially less effective treatments in the future.

Phase 1
Phase 1 treatment is intended to help the jaw develop properly in order to accommodate all of the permanent teeth and ensure that the upper and lower jaws fit together correctly. Careful attention to the growth and development of the jaws during this phase of treatment can prevent many future problems. During an initial evaluation, our dentist will determine if early treatment is needed, and if so, when it should begin. If necessary, we will provide treatments that will help your child’s teeth and jaw develop properly so that they can avoid the need for tooth extractions or other invasive procedures.

Resting Period
Before beginning the second treatment phase, there is a resting period, during which the teeth will be left to develop on their own. A successful first phase creates space for permanent teeth to erupt without difficulty. Our dentist will monitor your child’s teeth during this time to ensure that everything develops correctly.

You can read more about phase 2 here.

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