Picking the Right Toothbrush

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Going shopping for a new toothbrush can be daunting, but picking the right toothbrush is important to your oral health. It can be overwhelming when you are faced with a long row of toothbrushes with varying styles, colors and bristle strength and then there is the option of manual or power brushes, but we want to help you through that confusion.

Here at Northpointe Dental in Zanesville, Ohio, we want to help you find the best brush for your mouth. Our dentist, Dr. Brian J. Waggle, is experienced in helping people to have the best oral health and the rest of our team is waiting to help you too. Here are a few tips for when you are looking for your next brush.

– Soft bristles: Brushes with hard bristles can actually harm your teeth rather than helping clean them. To avoid potential enamel erosion, Dr. Brian J. Waggle recommends soft bristle brushes for most patients.

– Small head: A toothbrush needs to move around your mouth, cleaning each side of every tooth. A smaller brush head allows for more mobility.

When it comes to a question of manual or power brush, it is ultimately a question of personal preference. No matter which you chose, a toothbrush does not make your mouth healthy all by itself, but it is the frequent and habitual use of the toothbrush that makes your mouth the healthiest.

If you have any questions about which brush will best work for you, or you would like to schedule a professional cleaning, you can reach us at 740-454-6644. We look forward to helping you keep your smile healthy.