Miniscule tooth decay and cavities are impossible to detect with the naked eye. To help detect these hidden areas of decay, our dentist, Dr. Brian J. Waggle, utilizes DIAGNOdent® in Zanesville, Ohio. DIAGNOdent is a laser cavity detection system. Using the DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system, our dentist is able to detect and diagnose these formerly invisible cavities so that we can treat the problem and begin improving your oral health immediately. DIAGNOdent locates even the smallest of cavities so that they can be treated early. Early detection and treatment means that less tooth structure will need to be removed, which leads to improved long-term oral health. DIAGNOdent is proven have over 90% accuracy in the detection of cavities. DIAGNOdent is a small, portable device that allows our dentist and team to work more quickly and efficiently. When our dentist finds a cavity, he will remove the decayed portion of the tooth, clean the tooth thoroughly, and then place a dental filling.

DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection is just one technology we use at Northpointe Dental. To learn more about the DIAGNOdent or any of the state-of-the-art equipment that we use to enhance your smile and improve your oral health, we invite you to give our office a call soon.