Braces Can Address Several Different Issues

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Even though braces are most commonly thought of as a form of dental work reserved for adolescence it’s becoming more and more common for adults with alignment issues. In some cases, it might be that you didn’t opt for braces when you were younger and alignment issues prevail into adulthood. This is even more common if you had one of your baby teeth extracted early and it lead to overcrowding issues when the permanent teeth emerged in that area.

The natural processes of aging or having one or more teeth lost to fracture severe tooth decay can also alter the alignment of your remaining teeth. The loss of structure caused by a missing tooth often draws the other teeth to turn or migrate to fill the gap. If these issues aren’t addressed, it can lead to alignment and bite problems or even increase the chances of chips and fractures happening on the neighboring teeth.

If you have previously unaddressed alignment issues, you’ve noticed alignment problems after having a tooth extracted, or you simply want to realign and under or over bite issue in you or your mouth, please feel free to call Dr. Brian J. Waggle at 740-454-6644 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you explore your realignment options.