Laser Dentistry Can Help Your Teeth

As you probably know, many people tend to think of going to the dentist as a chore that needs to be done. Often, this is because many people find the dentist uncomfortable—especially when they hear the whirring of the drill. Fortunately, not every treatment requires the drill. Naturally, you’ll need to visit a dentist to… Read more »

Finding Effective Whitening Products

Keeping your teeth white and bright isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Between foods that permanently stain the enamel and dentin, forgetting to brush here and there, and drinking soda, you’re constantly fighting a battle to keep your teeth looking sparkly white. Add to that the myriad options for whitening your teeth, and it… Read more »

What to do with a Loose or Compromised Bridge

When your bridge was installed it was securely cemented onto both abutments, with the intention that it would anchor the bridge firmly for a long time to come. However, it’s also not unheard of for a blow to the face, a hard fall or pervasive bacteria from periodontal disease to loosen or compromise the cement… Read more »

Braces Can Address Several Different Issues

Even though braces are most commonly thought of as a form of dental work reserved for adolescence it’s becoming more and more common for adults with alignment issues. In some cases, it might be that you didn’t opt for braces when you were younger and alignment issues prevail into adulthood. This is even more common… Read more »

Keeping Your Mouth Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Good oral health is an important component of overall wellness, and wellness helps ensure a healthy pregnancy. If you are expecting a baby, there are some things you should know about changes in and potential challenges to your oral health. The most important thing to remember about your oral health while you’re pregnant is to… Read more »

How Your Diet Can Affect Your Smile

As you probably know, there are some foods you should avoid if you’re interested in staying healthy. Similarly, you’ve probably been told that there are certain things you should stay away from if you would like to keep your teeth strong. However, what do you know about the foods and drinks you should try to… Read more »

What Foods Are Good for Your Breath?

Would you be interested in learning more about how some foods can help your breath stay fresh? If so, please read on. Of course, you can use mouthwash to combat bad breath, but this is often just a temporary solution. For example, you probably know that some foods, like garlic and onions, can really affect… Read more »

Selecting your Ideal Braces

Many teens and even some adults choose to wear braces for a short amount of time. Braces can help align teeth, resolve bite issues or improve the overall function of your mouth. In recent years more and more adults have started wearing braces for cosmetic reasons or to improve changes to their bite related to… Read more »

What is Gingivitis?

Most people have heard the term gingivitis before but you might not understand the gravity of it and how it can have a serious impact on your overall oral health. On a basic level gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. Also known as periodontal disease the earliest symptoms include red swollen gums. Gum… Read more »

What Is Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a procedure where gum and bone tissue are recontoured to expose more of the tooth crown, making teeth appear taller. This surgery is used to treat gum disease, fix a tooth that is broken below the gum line, or alter the appearance of teeth covered by too much gum tissue. Your dentist… Read more »